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It's about the good things we do become part of our lives.

Being a participant in the community in Winner'sStrategy Club we will be presenting and promoting different business opportunities that can be partially realized or full time and that can be a path of progress and economic freedom for our community.

Right now we are working in the Winner's Strategy team to the promotion of 7K Metals and with the support of Four Percent.

What is it about?

It is a fact that the currencies of the countries tend to devalue at over time and with them our purchasing power, level of life and assets. In the case of the dollar and most of the currencies, this situation has been experienced in recent years with more emphasis compounded by the global health and economic situation.

Here are two examples:

In the year 1965 you could buy with 2,500 ounces of silver or 2,500 USD a late-model Mustang. By 2020, with 2,500 ounces of silver, they could buy two late-model Mustangs but with $ 2,500 USD we would be enough to buy only the tires and the front seats of a late-model Mustang.

If you had bought a MS70 silver monthly coin since 1986 Silver Eagle to date you would have invested between 40 or 50,000 dollars but today those same coins would have a value of 1.2 million dollars.

It is in this way that 7K Metals has given itself the mission that using the power of silver and gold to provide a means for people can find a way to financial freedom.

All of these reasons are important to look at in Sound Money (gold and silver) a means to protect our heritage from bad government´s decisions and economic collapses in addition to helping diversify our investment portfolio, increase our wealth and the ability to create passive and active income by entering into the exciting world of collectible coins.

Through 7K Metals you can get direct prices of the distributor of the different coin minting centers around the world, without intermediaries, without maximums or minimums of purchased and endorsed by a team of experts in coin collection that make your investment a sure profit.

That's right, a wealth creation scheme through which you have access to monthly savings that will protect your wealth and increase your heritage and at the same time join a group with the ability to create active and passive income through the time.

How does the Winner's Strategy team fit into the 7K Metals scheme?

In we have created the team called "Winner´s Strategy Club "by means of which all those interested in enter a wealth creation scheme through saving and creation of active and passive income leveraging knowledge and FourPercent resources to promote this exciting business. This is definitely an activity that can be carried out partially with a high potential to achieve financial freedom and become a full-time business.

If you find it interesting, register and ask for more information, with pleasure we send it to you.


If you are interested in:

1) Protect and grow your wealth

2) Active and passive income generation

3) Carry out an activity with the potential to achieve your
economic independence.

4) You have a collector's spirit and you like to do it with quality
worthy of a personal legacy and increased wealth.

Get in touch with the Winner's Strategy team to receive
more information.

7K Income Disclousure Statement

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