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I am going to do a little review about the Four Percent Platform, starting with its meaning, which refers to the fact that in all different human activities, there are always 4% of people who carry them out, who achieve levels of success and excellence.In the same way, in the business world there are 4% of the participants earning more than the remaining 96%, many times taking up to 80% or more of the profits while the remaining 96% the remaining 20% ​​is distributed.

Something else to add to the equation is that many times 96% are strives and works without achieving results while the other 4% made naturally and easier by simply knowing the correct way of doing things and by being rewarded for their efforts and be masters at what they do stop trying so hard like the rest 96% who cannot overcome the obstacles present.

I am José Ignacio, you can ask me or comment on what you need in the Contact area of ​​this site

So, I hope to see you soon at the Affiliate Business System and from there start your experience that will surely get to where your enthusiasm and personal effort take it.

By the way, the creator of the platform is Vick Strizheus, a very successful on line business operator and producer of great ideas to do business in addition to being the creator of an educational program combining practical knowledge with real people's experiences involved in the business world and stories of improvement staff that are really worth knowing.

I'd like to tell you a little about Vick Strizheus´s trajectory, he started his affiliate business about more than 10 years, started from scratch and after repeated efforts to get out, later he lost all his capital, remaining in debt by not obtaining results with the campaigns that he had carried out but following the advice to the letter of successful people learned to perform and carry out multiple campaigns that resulted in millionaires successes and with whom he formed his company and despite the fact that to this day he continues to do new businesses he also founded Four Percent where the objective is to provide knowledge and experience necessary for people to achieve their on line goals.

In Four Percent you will find all the knowledge, tools and experiences to be an online entrepreneur in addition to having access to different business opportunities.

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